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Fujairah's key and novel area, as the UAE's just Emirate on East Coast, assumes a vital part in its turn of events. Under the initiative and vision of Sheik Hamed Bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, the Ruler of Fujairah, the Emirates keeps on developing. An astonishing blend of the customary estimations of the East and current innovations of the West, Fujairah offers a way of life practically identical to that of world's most evolved countries. In excess of a quarter million individuals of different identities, including Emiratis, occupy this Emirate of 1450 sq kms.

  • Multi-admittance to adjoining and worldwide business sectors via land, ocean and air
  • Assortment of speculation fields
  • Financial backer situated arrangements
  • Proficient and financially savvy speculation help
  • Full speculation security
  • Served by Fujairah Port and the Fujairah International Airport
  • Virtual office of flexi work area in low financial plan